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Anyone can be a general contractor and manage construction projects.

Here is what sets NorthEast Construction Management Group apart from the rest.

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Foremost Principles
Our Principles

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Fostering Relationships

At NorthEast Construction Management Group, we are focused on relationships first. It’s our clients, and the trust they’ve placed in us, that have gotten us to where we are today. Whether in our professional interactions or our personal lives, relationships are the pivotal foundation for success and growth. The quality of a relationship is what makes and breaks deals. And though we each forge many relationships on a daily basis, without care and cultivation, they remain less than — less than strong, less than inspiring, less than worthwhile.

It’s our belief at NorthEast Construction Management that relationships trump all else.

Put the goal of building a strong relationship above all else, and success is sure to come.
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Integrity, Always

Honesty. Transparency. And doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Integrity is woven through all that we do. It’s what we expect from our vendors and our partners. And it’s what we are committed to, because it ensures relationships based on mutual respect.

Here, we bring you into our world. Share everything. You become part of the process. And though companies talk about building teams, at NorthEast Construction Management Group, we build families. From exacting engineering and thoughtful strategic planning to straightforward communications and bidding, NorthEast Construction Management Group stands behind all we do because we are stand-up people.
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The Quality Quotient

When it comes to construction, the desired result requires thoughtful planning, good timing, the best materials, and quality assurance. At NorthEast Construction Management Group, we strive every day to be the absolute best at what we do, always putting quality — and the customer, who is most affected by our choices — first. Our goal? For you to feel that while we are working on your project, it truly is the most important thing in our world. The difference in how we run a project, from beginning to end, is always apparent. It’s not only what sets us apart, but what keeps clients coming back to and referring us.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, NorthEast Construction Management Group offers first class pre-construction and general contracting services in-house. We focus on the individual project — and the individuals impacted by that project — and refuse to accept the concept of “one size fits all” construction. Our clients are recognized as individuals. Their projects are recognized as unique and distinct.
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Partnership People

We invite you into our world.  What does that mean? Learning how each other lives and the best ways to interact. Construction projects — whether commercial, industrial, or residential — are by definition invasive. They interrupt daily routines and the flows of those “in the way.” They usually leave a wake of disruption that takes a long time from which to recover.  We work to take some of that chaos out of the project by getting to know how your business or family operates on a day to day basis long before we begin the actual construction process.

NorthEast Construction Management Group is quite a mouthful. Our name might bring to mind an imposing corporate environment, but in reality, we are quite the opposite. Our name speaks exactly to what we do and how we do it — we are a company that manages your construction project from beginning to end with no exceptions. That explains the “Construction Management” part.  The “Group” is exactly that — a group of ever-evolving individuals gathering together for the common good of the project. This group can be made up of architects, builders, developers, real estate agents, lawyers, tax officials, and bonding companies.  We search out the right partners for your project, and ask as much of them as you would of us. But most important? Each and every member of our group loves what they do, and that we get to do it together.

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