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Our Approach

Partnering with us means anticipating that your project will exceed your expectations.

Here’s why…
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Who We Are
A Conversation Sparks a Vision

At NorthEast Construction Management Group, we start with hearing from you. We assess your needs, not by an intense interview or questionnaire, but with a cup of coffee and a discussion.  Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, plant expansion, or brand new out of the ground construction, we begin with the vision you have in mind.

Our clients typically value the same things we do — relationships, integrity, quality, and partnerships. At NorthEast Construction Management Group, we spend as much time doing things with our clients as we need to in order to truly get to know them.  Building that type of relationship from day one ensures shared priorities and common goals. We become interested in what our clients find interesting. We interact with them, even to the point of spending a couple of days getting used to their schedule, or day to day business operations. We learn the ins and outs of what will and will not disrupt our clients’ daily lives.

We then begin the search for the right “group” or “family members” for the project. With our vast knowledge of — and network of friends throughout — the construction and design industry, we are able to align folks who are not only best at what they do, but who work best together. By determining what talents are required for each type of project and who fits well, teaming for client satisfaction and success leads the way in creating the custom team for each client’s individual project. Our aim is cohesiveness, and the end result is quality that comes from ensuring every decision made along the way was based on what you wanted.

As a group marrying construction, project management, estimating services, and budgeting, we combine man power and brain power. We can help you through feasibility studies, design development, and final submittals to the local municipality.  We take the guess work out of the front end with unmatched pre-construction services. And we foresee and plan for contingencies you may not have considered. At NorthEast Construction Management Group, it’s our belief that if you spend the extra time on the pre-construction side of the equation — and get all of the family members into the right positions — actual construction time is reduced considerably.


Our people are accessible because we care — and because we get how a project can interrupt your life. Because construction is all we do, we understand that though with improvement comes disruption, intruding as little as possible is our goal. With each individual job, we learn the boundaries you want set and work well within them to keep your definition of normal intact.

85 William Penn Road
Lehighton, PA 18235